Acne, spots, pimples, and dull, dry skin don’t have to be a part of your teenage destiny! And more importantly, acne isn’t just the unfolding of a genetic timetable, and it’s not just the result of those turbulent teen hormones.

Stacks of studies have found that non-westernised teens just don’t acne. Zero, zip, nadda! And exciting new research in Australian teens shows that diet is the best weapon of choice, and in fact, is far more effective than a bathroom cabinet full of anti-pimple products.

Great skin has everything to do with the food you stick in your mouth everyday. Plus stuff like getting enough zzz’s and taking time to chill can make a huge difference in how your skin looks, today and down the track too.

Gorgeous Skin for Teens will show you how you can banish bad skin and blemishes, and welcome healthy, glowing skin, all in three easy steps: say good-bye to the “skin enemy” foods, enjoy the great skin ones, and protect with lots of exercise, relaxation and good quality zzz’s—then watch the transformation take place.

This step-by-step, easy-to-read great skin guide includes a breakthrough diet and lifestyle plan with loads of tips, inspiration, and all the right information you need to make smart food choices and get radiant, clear skin.

It includes heaps of yummy recipes, easy menu ideas for meals, snacks, school lunches, and straight talk about food and nutrition, plus a chapter on feeling great from the inside out. And stacks of stuff on sleep, stress, exercise, and even health and beauty myths. Each chapter finishes with a Gorgeous Skin action plan to get you going.

Being healthy and looking good, go hand-in-hand. And even if you’re one of those super lucky ones already blessed with great skin, the benefits of following the Gorgeous Skin Plan are endless: feeling better, having more energy, sleeping better, getting better grades, and being happier and healthier overall.

What people are saying

“Internationally respected nutrition authority Erica Angyal has done it again! Her latest work, “Gorgeous Skin for Teens” is essential reading for all teens, educators, parents and dermatologists. Written in a clear and concise manner, Erica shatters the myths surrounding diet and acne, while providing sound, scientifically-based nutritional advice. The book is a treasure trove of valuable information for the promotion of clear, glowing skin, and will set the table for a lifetime of healthy diet and lifestyle habits”.

Dr. Alan C. Logan
Author of the best-selling
The Brain Diet